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Webcasting or live streaming is one of the newest and most brilliant ways to bring your product or service in front of your target customers.

What is WebCasting / Live Streaming?
A webcast is a video or audio presentation distributed over the internet either live or on demand. The file is distributed from a single source to many simultaneous listeners or viewers.

Webcasting technology utilizes streaming media, push technology and a web camera. A webcasting or live streaming audience can include staff or board members from different geographical locations. You can benefit from our webcasting rentals service, offering a wide range of webcasting solutions.

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Benefits of WebCasting

  • You can broadcast presentations live to a global audience.
  • Conference costs can be reduced significantly as there are no costs for travel, accommodation, and other logistics.
  • Webcasts and live streams can be viewed anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter where your audience is.
  • Webcasting can help you build your brand awareness and reach a vast consumer base for much less compared to traditional methods. It presents you an effective way to promote your products, services, and events.
  • Webcasts can be viewed at any time, even after the event. They can be archived for future use.

These benefits give you more reason to leverage our webcasting web rentals service, driven by cutting-edge technologies, for your business.

Various Locations for WebCasting

With our webcasting rentals service, you can webcast from virtually anywhere, including:

  • Boardrooms
  • Helicopters
  • Wedding venues
  • Vans
  • Bars/restaurants
  • Rural areas

Various social networks offer webcasting and live streaming platforms. While Facebook Live is the most popular platform currently, YouTube and Twitch also command a significant following. Instagram also has Live Streaming, but its mobile audience tends not to watch live streams.

Whatever the platform you choose, our webcasting rentals service has got you covered.

Why All Businesses Need WebCasting

Webcasting can help businesses in many ways, including,

  • Reaching a vast audience and enhancing engagement – Webcasting helps you reach a much larger audience that you would otherwise expect to reach. The fact that webcasts can be archived for future use, helps you create a selection of content that could be valuable to either your customers or staff in the future.
  • Cost reductions and simplified planning for large events – Webcasting helps you downsize your corporate event and limit it to those guests that are absolutely necessary. Other guests can tune into the event and still be able to obtain the same amount of value from it, without having to put pressure on the amenities at the venue.
  • Building a better reputation and enriching your branding – Live streaming events are a great opportunity for a business to show its audience what it stands for. By webcasting corporate events, you can give your customers insight into how your business operates and what your values are.

webcasting a live debate

webcasting the news with video wall

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WebCasting Is Wonderful

Webcasting is an amazing technology that enables you to broadcast anything you like at the moment in time it is taking place. It truly enhances efficiency in both the corporate and social world.

Our webcasting rentals service ranges from fully produced TV broadcasting to Live Streaming in full HD from various locations, including vans, weddings, corporate events, and even helicopters.