Installations and Set-Up for Movie Premieres and Screenings

Cinema Equipment & Professional Audio Video Services

Planning a Movie Premiere in a non-theatrical environment?

Our movie screening installation team has the expertise to evaluate your movie screening requirements and determine the best solution to wow your audience.

Supplying A/V to Top Movie Premieres & Screenings

With years of experience, supplying audiovisual equipment and services to top movie premieres and screenings around the United States, we know what it takes to make you premier successful.

hi-tech cinema equipment used in movie premieres
hi-tech-theatre-equipment, panel of av equipment with lights and buttons
Our range of audio and visual equipment includes:

• Dolby Digital Servers and Audio Processors
• Christie 4K Digital Cinema Projectors
• Dolby / Real D 3D Systems
• JBL Sound Systems
• Traditional Matte White Perforated Screens
• 3D Silver Screens (Real D)
• Legacy Film Equipment (35mm 70mm 16mm)

We are known for transforming the unlikeliest of places into world-class movie theatres.

We supply projection and sound systems tailored for your unique screening location. Whether it is an auditorium, conference room, tent, or a yacht, we’ve got you covered.

Our reputation in movie premiere installations and set-up is unmatched.

Our cinema engineers are committed to delivering the highest level of work. Before every screening event, we rehearse the movie and ensure the picture and sound is delivered to the best of the director’s expectations.

All About the Value of Great Sound Quality

Great sound enriches the cinema experience. It should be accorded the importance it deserves.

We are experts in cinema sound, with a commitment to save your audience from horrible sound during your movie premiere. Our audio-video installations include cutting-edge sound systems.

We work with the best sound equipment providers in the industry to ensure your audience has the best possible sound experience.

All About the Value of Great Visual Quality

Scintillating, high-resolution picture quality is another vital ingredient of a successful movie premiere. There’s no better way to do justice to the work being projected.

You can achieve that by investing in professional-quality movie premiere installations delivered by the industry’s most experienced digital cinema engineers. That’s what we’re all about.

We offer a wide selection of outdoor and indoor movie screens, digital cinema projectors, high definition projectors, and much more.


A/V Tech from Top Geeks for Premieres & Screenings

One effective trick to plan and execute a successful movie premiere event is by working with experienced professionals.

For the past 40 years, we have lived up to our mantra – creating stunning audio/visual environments for impactful movie premieres and screenings.

Our movie premier installations team is composed of A/V geeks who are passionate about what we do. This is manifested in every set-up we accomplish. Everything is a masterpiece. No generic stuff.

We use only high-performance, best-in-industry components in our set-up. We want you to have the perfect screening experience. When we are done setting up your venue, you can rest assured that your audience will enjoy an immersive picture and audio quality.

Call us today for all your movie premiere and movie screening installation needs.